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Our Cute Colleague Birthday Party Every Month

Dec 02, 2021

In order to enhance the cohesion of the corporate team and promote the friendship between colleagues, our company regularly holds a warm and special colleague birthday party every month. While making our colleagues feel warm and happy, it also paints a strong color for the corporate culture.

birthday cake

In order to successfully hold the event, our colleagues from the HR Department also made a lot of preparations in the early stage:
1. Activity plan process planning, host, live music selection.
2. Activity cost budget, item purchase, site layout plan and the division of labor of related responsible personnel to ensure that the event is held normally.
3. The birthday list of the month will be screened and the birthday party will be announced.
4. After the event, arrange for personnel to clean up the garbage on site.

The hard work of all colleagues is just to give our lovely birthday stars an unforgettable and warm birthday. Thank you for your hard work every day in the company. We will grow together. Although the gift is small, it represents the company's sincere care.

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