Eco-friendly disposable food containers

Advantages of bagasse plates

July 02 , 2020
After bagasse pulping, it can be molded into disposable environmentally friendly tableware, which has sufficient strength, oil resistance, hot water, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, and biodegradable. It is suitable for storage in microwave ovens and refrigerators.
Square Compostable Bagasse Plates
By entwining long and thin bamboo fibers and short and thick bagasse fibers to form a tight network, containers made of these two materials are mechanically stable and biodegradable. This new type of green sugarcane tableware is not only as strong as plastic, can hold liquids, but also cleaner than biodegradable products made of recyclable materials that cannot be completely deinked. This new type of material begins to decompose after being placed in the soil for 30-45 days. He was completely out of shape after 60 days.

AKD, an environmentally friendly chemical widely used in the food industry, is added to the disposable bagasse plate to improve the oil and water resistance of molded tableware, thereby ensuring the product's robustness in humid environments. After adding this ingredient, the bagasse tableware outperforms commercial biodegradable food containers in terms of mechanical strength, grease resistance and non-toxicity.

Unlike traditional plastic products or biodegradable polymers that may take up to 450 years or high temperatures to degrade, this non-toxic and environmentally friendly material can be degraded in only 60 days. The sugarcane food container has good wet mechanical strength It is very clean and will be used to hold hot coffee, hot lunch and other food.
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