Eco-friendly disposable food containers

What can be used instead of single-use plastic tableware?

December 23 , 2021

Disposable plastic products account for most of the world's total garbage, causing harm to the environment. Many disposable plastic products are difficult to recycle and expensive to clean up. They will decompose into microplastics, harm wildlife and pollute our food and water. We recommend that everyone use environmentally friendly, degradable tableware, such as bagasse tableware, as an alternative to single-use plastic packaging.

compostable bagasse tableware

Many European countries banned the manufacture, sale and import of certain single-use plastic including plastic cutlery, stir sticks, straws, etc. This ban will reduce plastic pollution.

Sugarcane bagasse tableware is an eco friendly alternative to plastics. Bagasse, the dried pulpy residue left after the juice has been processed, is used in biofuels and is also a basic ingredient for the manufacture of sugarcane pulp-based packaging.

The material's light weight, recyclability and other unique attributes make it the best choice for packaging food.

Sugarcane tableware are lighter and stronger, microwavable and freezer safe. They can be used to hold liquid or oily food without leaking or tearing. Compared with other materials, bagasse tableware is more environmentally friendly and more sustainable because it can be easily composted.

Using environmentally friendly packaging will enhance your brand image as an environmentally conscious company, which can attract more customers. Use biodegradable sugarcane tableware can increase your market share and grow your business.

Our biodegradable disposable tableware products are made from bagasse. Our company has a variety of compostable and biodegradable products, from disposable lunch boxes, cups, plates, bowls to disposable sugarcane cutlery, they are very suitable for food packaging.
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