Eco-friendly disposable food containers

The advantages of disposable environmentally friendly tableware

January 19 , 2022

With the accelerating pace of people's life, disposable tableware is favored by most people because of its convenience. After the release of the plastic restriction order, fast food tableware now tends to be more environmentally friendly, especially non-polluting, green and degradable materials. Environmentally friendly tableware has the characteristics of safe material and degradable, so it is more reliable to use.

Types of disposable tableware:
1. Classified by purpose
2. Sort by raw material

Classified by purpose
There are many kinds of disposable tableware products, such as disposable plastic bowls, paper bowls, bagasse bowls, disposable chopsticks, disposable cutlery, spoons, disposable napkins, disposable straws, coffee sticks, disposable lunch boxes, disposable plates , toothpicks, etc., are all disposable tableware.

Sort by raw material
According to the classification of raw materials used in the manufacture of disposable tableware, disposable tableware can be divided into plastic tableware, paper tableware, wood and bamboo tableware, bagasse tableware and other types. Among them, bamboo, wood tableware and bagasse tableware are more environmentally friendly, easier to degrade, and safer to use.

Bagasse material is readily available due to the prevalence of sugarcane crops in several countries. For every ton of sugarcane straw crushed, about 30 tons of bagasse can be obtained. Bagasse cutlery normally biodegrades within 90 days. Therefore, it is commonly used by food packaging distributors all over the world.

bagasse tableware

Bagasse has several properties that make it ideal for food packaging.
1.They are heat resistant and can also be used to store cold food.
2.They are microwave safe and can be used to reheat food.
3.They are freezer safe, so they can be used to store food.
4.Due to their fibrous texture, they are more durable and stronger than polystyrene containers.
5.Compared to paper and plastic utensils, they hold the heat longer for longer.
6.They are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic tableware because they are fully compostable.
7.Bagasse tableware is water and grease resistant and is therefore increasingly used by wholesale suppliers.

Due to the eco-friendly properties of bagasse food containers, usage has surged in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Their robustness and superior thermal properties also make them preferred by consumers over other disposable food containers and utensils. We strongly encourage our customers to use eco-friendly disposable tableware, which not only protects the environment, but also leaves an eco-friendly impression on your consumers.
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compostable sugarcane tableware
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