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What type of sugarcane bagasse clamshell food container are there?

February 16 , 2022

Sugarcane fiber food container is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic food packaging container. Nowadays more and more businesses pay attention to protect the environment and the earth, they have replaced plastic food packaging boxes with biodegradable bagasse lunch boxes.

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In this article, we'll explore sugarcane fiber clamshell food container:
1.What’s bagasse clamshell food container?
2.What type of sugarcane bagasse clamshell food container are there?
3.What kind of sugarcane products do we have?

What’s bagasse clamshell food container?
Bagasse has long fibers and low impurities, making it an ideal choice for sturdy, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable food packaging. Our sugarcane pulp eco-friendly tableware is made from bagasse through various processes. The product has high physical strength, good waterproof and oil-proof performance. It's also freezer safe and microwave safe. The use of bagasse to make disposable environmentally friendly tableware can effectively reduce the use of plastic tableware and achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

What type of sugarcane bagasse clamshell food container are there?

Our bagasse lunch boxes have different types, one compartment, two compartments, three compartments. Our compostable bagasse food containers are made from natural sugar cane, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It provides a quick, easy way to clean up after any meal with a one-time function. Premium material is durable and resists bending during use. Eco-friendly features provide a reliable solution for your daily dining needs. It's perfect for restaurants, everyday homes, lounges, office lunches, special parties, events, and more.

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What kind of sugarcane products do we have?
In addition to bagasse lunch boxes, we also have sugarcane bagasse plates, eco friendly bagasse cups and lids, compostable bagasse cutlery, biodegradable bagasse tray and bagasse dishes.

We are reliable China bagasse tableware manufacturer with 10 years exporting experience in eco tableware field. We aim to provide environmentally friendly solutions to our earth, also the helpful guidance to your green business. If your company business currently uses paper, styrofoam or plastic, our bagasse tableware is an eco alternative. Any interest in our sugarcane bagasse products, please don't hesitate to contact us(email: We can provide samples.

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